Black History Month North Somerset (BHM-NS) is entirely volunteer led. While many areas in the country have been celebrating BHM for many years, there hasn’t yet been a coordinated programme in North Somerset, and we wanted to get things started.

We’ve put together a programme of events and we’re hugely grateful to the support we’ve received from the Town Council, the Museum, and businesses in Weston.

However, Black History Month North Somerset (BHM-NS) isn’t about the events (although we have some great events planned), it’s about all of us building our knowledge, understanding and awareness of the contributions black people have made in the UK and around the world.

What can I do to celebrate black history month?

  • Read a book or watch a film to find out more about Black History
  • Sign up to our newsletter to recieve updates on events this October
  • Organise your own event (we’re offering The CHAT Room for free)
  • Spread the word in every way you can
  • Display a Diversity Champion Badge on your social media and website

We hope you’ll share what you discover at one of our discussion events.

What can I do to get involved with the BHM-NS project?

  • Offer some of your time to help keep the exhibition open to visitors or to support a planned event.
  • Offer skills or expertise that you think might be useful in taking the project forward.
  • Join the organising group to help plan for next year! Plans are already underway for a much bigger celebration across all of North Somerset.

If you’d like to get involved, please do get in touch.